1. light leak lavender. 

  2. i don’t know, maybe it was the roses.

  3. and the yard, too. | kodak portra 400 | hasselblad 503cx | cara farnell.

  4. before our things. | fuji 400h | hasselblad 503cx | cara farnell

  5. the guest room. won’t you come visit? | fuji 400h | hasselblad 503cx | cara farnell

  6. the sparkle in the living room. | fuji 400h | hasselblad 503cx | cara farnell.

  7. five avocados & a pineapple.


  8. everyones-asuspect said: Are you still posting your photos on flickr? I miss seeing your photos there.

    I haven’t made a conscious decision to stop, just haven’t been posting as much anywhere. Nice to know I am missed though since that sense of community seemed largely gone from Flickr and this message indicates that perhaps it hasn’t! Thanks for writing! What is your Flickr name?

  9. friends, Kasia & Roland Hale (Roland Hale Photography)

  10. the fog at deception pass.